Robkoo at NAMM 2024: Unveiling New Gears & Connecting with the Community

Robkoo, a growing innovator in the world of wind synthesis, made its return to the NAMM Show 2024. The company presented the new Clarii mini and Clarii App, as well as the beloved Wind Synthesizer R1 and Qithesizer.

The highlight of Robkoo’s NAMM presence was undoubtedly the debut of its Clarii mini, a wind synthesizer & wireless MIDI controller. This compact and portable instrument, which achieved an impressive 2700% funding on Kickstarter, is designed to bring the charm of wind synthesis to a wider audience.

The new Clarii mini is accompanied by a new App, Clarii, which is now free to download on the App Store and Google Play. The App provides an all-in-one interface for controlling and customizing the instrument at fingertips. It also features a expanding library of sounds carefully crafted for Clarii mini, allowing users to explore its vast sonic palette.

Clarii mini at NAMM

Robkoo at NAMM2024

Alongside Clarii mini, Robkoo also showcased its two wind synthesis products: Wind Synthesizer R1 and Qithesizer. Robkoo R1, a wind controller that won the 2022 MIDI Innovation Awards, 38th TEC Awards Finalist, and 2023 iF Design Award, captivated visitors with its intuitive design and unparalleled sound quality.

Qithesizer, a hybrid software synthesizer, further expanded Robkoo’s range of innovative products. With its combination of virtual analog, wavetable and physical modeling, Qithesizer is designed to conjure up virtually any sound with finesse and ease. Released in 2023,  Qithesizer App has ranked in the top 10 of App Store Music category in 7 major countries.

Robkoo R1 TEC finalist

Robkoo at NAMM2024

For Robkoo, this year’s showing was enriched by encounters and reunions with renowned musicians, including Pedro Eustache, a distinguished flutist and composer who fell in love with Clarii mini after giving it a try. Pedro engaged in an in-depth discussion with the developer, sharing his insights and enthusiasm for the instrument. The team was also thrilled to meet and connect with Jordan Rudess, a Grammy-nominated keyboardist and software developer. These interactions further solidified Robkoo’s commitment to fostering a vibrant and interconnected music&tech community.

Pedro Eustache playing Clarii mini

Pedro Eustache with Robkoo

Jordan Rudess with Robkoo team

In addition to its booth activities, Robkoo was invited to present a talk at the MIDI Association, sharing its vision for the future of wind synthesis. The company’s representative discussed its commitment to innovation, accessibility, and creativity, outlining its plans to continue pushing the boundaries of wind synthesis technology. As a member of MIDI Association Technical Standards board, Robkoo is currently working closely with the association as well as other manufacturers in the design of MIDI 2.0 protocal for wind controllers.

Robkoo presenting at MIDI Association

Robkoo with MIDI Association

To conclude, this year’s NAMM Show was a pivotal breakthrough for Robkoo. The team showcased its commitment to innovation, its dedication to user experience, and its passion for connecting with the international community. The company’s products garnered immense interest and praise, and the event further cemented Robkoo’s position as a pioneer in the world of wind synthesis. As Robkoo continues to develop new products, it is clear that the company is poised to reimagine the way we create and experience music and digital art.