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Company Overview

Robkoo empowers everyone to play music through apps and gadgets that are intuitive and fun. Get rid of noise issue,  physical restrictions, and years of practice with our innovative products. Started by ex-Alibaba and WeChat product manager who is also a multi-instrumentalist.

Founded by geeks, musicians, technology enthusiast and designers with ambitious mission while stay practical. We have the rational knowledge about technology and the deep understanding of humanity , arts and creativity.  We're determined to create more futuristic products in digital arts while keep them easy to use. We look forward to seeing all kinds of pioneer arts, engineers, and crossover experts joining us.


2024, Feb - Clarii mini won IF design award 2024.

2023, Oct - Clarii mini won Music China show "Best Top 20" award.

2023, Jun - Robkoo R1 with Mr. Tan Dun in Qingdao.

2023, May - Qithesizer, the first hybrid synthesizer for wind controller released.

2023, Mar - Q1 launched in Japanese market.

2022, Oct - R1 nominated by TEC award in musical instrument hardware with ROLAND, NORD, Oberheim and MOOG at NAMM 2023.

2022, Apr - R1 won MIDI Innovation Award 2022.

2021, Oct - R1 pre-ordered 1,000 units in one month.

2021, Jun - Swaying Tune featured by App Store as "Apps of Today".

2021, Apr - Invested by BAI Capital, Yonghua Capital.

2020, Oct - JamKoo featured by App Store as "Apps of Today".

2020, Apr - Invested by Tik Tok's angel investor iCamp.

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