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Add over 100 sounds to your digital instrument. Connect your EWI, MIDI keyboard, digital piano, and electronic drum wirelessly or with cable.

Manage every bit of your performance

Organize patches, backing tracks, and music scores with Performance Sets. Navigate with ease.

Make it your own sound

Octave, transpose, reverb and more. Customize patches to fit your style.

Record and share

With backing track or solo, record your performance and even play over it! Your can upload your work to JamKoo community, or share it with anyone. Recordings can also be exported as .MP3 files.

User library
Import third-party sound libraries with Pro Version. Add as many as you want!
Capture sounds around you and turn anything into an instrument! Pro Version users can save samples to instrument library.*Android only

An inviting metronome to assist you with beats while practising.

Top sounds around the globe

JamKoo is loaded with carefully made HQ instruments. Apart from over 100 free stock sounds and premium Chinese ethnical instruments, original sounds from top audio companies keep joining.





Sound suppliers

Optimize JamKoo experience with your instrument?

JamKoo is optimized for digital keyboards and EWIs by numerous of brands. More and more instrument makers are joining "Work with JamKoo" scheme.

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Requires iOS 11.0 or above

Requires Android 7.0 or above.