Clarii mini

Breathe. Shake. Play.

Clarii mini iF Design Award

Meet Clarii mini.

Experience the ultimate musical versatility with Clarii mini, a digital wind instrument that offers a variety of true instrument tones in a slim & portable body.

Sound of true instruments
Shake & Play
Portable & slim
Fits all hands
Bluetooth MIDI
HQ built-in speaker
Easy to learn
Dedicated App

Learn in 2 minutes.

Getting started with Clarii mini is a pleasurably easy process. Dedicated tutorials and App support are always available to help you master it in no time.

Sound of true instruments.

A handful selection of Robkoo's true instrument sounds that give you vibe of a pro. From classical orchestral essentials to synth and exotic ethnic tones. And there is a cat in it. A real cat.

Clarii mini Sound bank v1.0
Sound Suppliers

Clarii Sound Store

For your Clarii mini, Clarii App unlocks a whole new realm of possibilities. Install your favorite sounds by wireless connection to the App, and customize your own Clarii mini.

Clarii Sound Store

Shake & play.

Tired of learning after all? Shake, wave, and turn your Clarii mini into an e-percussion instrument.

Anytime, anywhere.

Anytime, anywhere.

Equipped with HQ built-in speaker, fine-tuned for daily entertainment experience. Want to mute the speaker? Just plug in headphones, and you can have some alone time with music.

Clarii only weighs about the same as an apple. Carry it in your backpack, and turn any place into a sonic playground within a snap of finger.

Clarii mini audio output

Motion control

With built-in high-accuracy accelerometer, playing Clarii mini is all about fun. Its motion control works with any onboard sound. Simply tilt its body and spice up your performance with special effects like pitch bend, portamento and vibrato.

Personalize at fingertips.

Connect with Clarii App to tailor your experience with Clarii mini. Add custom fingerings, expand Clarii Sound Bank, and access dedicated tutorials.

Stock fingerings include Sax (default), EVI +, Whistle +, Dizi & Hulusi.

Bluetooth MIDI

Connect to any DAW, any sound modules to play limitless sounds. USB connectivity also supported.

Pick your color.

Clarii mini comes in Lunar White, Ebony Gold, Champagne Gold, Aurora Grey.




Deluxe your Clarii.

Clarii mini accessories


Model Clarii mini

Color Lunar White, Ebony Gold, Champagne Gold, Aurora Grey

Bluetooth BLE MIDI

Battery Li-ion, 1200mAh

Power supply USB (Type-C)

Current draw 1A

Size 46cm (L) × 4cm (W) × 5cm (H)

Weight 263g

Accessories Type-C cable, User's Manual, Quickstart Guide, Mouthpiece cap, dust bag


Octave range -1、0、+1、+2

Port Stereo 3.5mm TRS headphone output, Type-C (for charging & USB MIDI)