Wind Synthesizer R1 Becomes Finalist of The 38th TEC Awards

Held annually, The TEC Awards is the highest honor a brand in musical industry could pursue. With the aim to enourage innovations of musical brands around the world, The TEC Awards offer categories of musical instruments, PAs, audio devices and so on.

Its nomination committee is composed of 100 experts in the industry, sourcing the most innovative and technological advanced products of the year, while the winners are eventually elected by music lovers.

The award ceremony of the 38th TEC Awards will take place on 14th of April at the NAMM Show.


On 26th of October, 2022, TEC released the finalists of awards. To a lot of people’s surprise, Robkoo from China found itself in the list within Musical Instruments, along with reputable brands like Moog, Nord, Roland, and Oberheim. And of course, the nominated product was the anticapted Wind Synthesizer R1.

It is unusual for a young brand to gain such recognition. R1 has graduately been accepted as a new entrant, and an alternative to the keyboard-dominated synth world.

If you wish to support R1, please vote for R1 at the TEC voting site.