M2B Firmware V2.3.6 Released

We have updated the firmware of M2B Bluetooth MIDI Adapter. Users may update through the M2B Utility APP.


What’s New:

  • Enhanced connection stability on iOS 14.2.
  • Fixed a bug triggered by a specific MIDI message.


How to Update:


1. Install M2B Utility APP

All firmware updates for M2B Bluetooth MIDI Adapter (M2B) are conducted through M2B Utility APP. Download from App Store.

2. Switch on the device attached

Attach M2B to a supported MIDI device. Switch on the device and make sure M2B lights up, while do not connect bluetooth MIDI with any APP.

3. Update through M2B Utility

Run M2B Utility. Wait before the APP finds M2B, then click on your M2B that shows up.

If an update is available, the Device Information page will display the option of Firmware Update and descriptions. Tap “Update”, it may take around 20 seconds to complete.