JamKoo New Beta Version Available

We’ve just released a new beta version of v2.0.1(build 9), which has been redesigned from the ground. Just hit the download link and join the beta testing.

What’s New

  • UX redesigned from the ground.
  • Add new user patch list.
  • Patches in the patch list can be reordered.
  • Patch list support MIDI program change control.
  • Patch parameters like transpose, octave, pitch bend range support “leave and save”.
  • Add latency and buffer size settings.
  • Support Roland Aerophone Go/Mini program change knob.
  • Support 3D Touch.
  • Support after touch.
  • Fix some known bugs.


Note: You’re downloading the beta version of JamKoo, everything in the final release might be changed.

version: v2.0.1(build 25)

updated: Mar 3, 16:20

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