Musical Instrument From Future

Wind Synthesizer R1

Learn in minutes and gig in 2 weeks, bring light to yourself and your audience.

Musical Performance Made Easy

Hit the Stage in 2 Weeks

A delicate interactive course guides you through all the basics in 15 minutes. Keep practising for 2 weeks, you will be ready to hit the stage!

Sound Like a Pro

Expandable Library

With on-board tones sampled from top performers around the globe, R1 saves 10 or even 20 years of practice to achieve the vibe of a pro. The first dispatch of R1 contains Flute, Trumpet, Tenor Saxophone, Violin, Clarinet, Bassoon, Chinese Flute (Qudi), Suona, Morin khuur, Erhu, Pipa, and Hulusi. Among the list there are ethnical instruments sampled in this 200㎡ studio with the world's best performers and 15 microphones.

Sound Suppliers


New tones for R1, including the highly anticipated synth sounds, will be released regularly. Robkoo sound team will keep expanding your library, which can be installed into R1. The instrument will always feel new, and add its value over time.

True Colour of Music

Performance Made Visable

The double cyber-style RGB lights responds to your play, and glows over 60,000 colors of your choice. Customize in JamKoo APP (iOS beta).

Shakes and Waves

High-accuracy Gyroscope

Excited? Use motion control to spice up your tune! The built-in gyroscope lets you pitch bend, vibrato, and make creative crafts by simply lifting up.

Play Horizontal

New Mouthpiece Coming Soon

The only wind controller that can be played both vertically and horizontally. Try out the new horizontal mouthpiece, you get a cyber flute!

Top Design and Manufacture

Attention to Inside & Out

The sleek body of R1 is equipped with various of handful gears:

Food Grade Mouthpieces

Same material as baby pacifier for utmost health protection. More mouthpiece types on the way.

Touch-sensing Performance Keys

Perform by touching the keys. Minimal noise and maximum durability.

Independent Semitone Keys

Resemble the buttons on an acoustic instrument. Be expressive in a realistic and graceful way.

Tone Switch

Switch tones in a flash. Multiple functions without interfering the play.

Triple Octave Keys

Break away from the limitation of acoustic instruments. Travel across 4 octaves lightspeed.

Mechanical Pitch Wheel

Reliable and intuitive. Pitch freely with your thumb.

Access Full Experience

Made by Robkoo, the beloved performance APP JamKoo has been a hit among digital instrument players. Having been featured on the home page of App Store 23 times, JamKoo offers unlimited expansion of tones plus extensive support for R1.


When R1 is switched on and nearby, it will be detected by JamKoo automatically. Connect wirelessly right away.

Apart from a delicate interactive course, you may toggle R1 on the bigger screen of mobile phone or tablet. The settings cover parameters like sensitivity and reverb.

Customize Tone List

You may customize the list of tones in R1. Switch between needed tones quickly in real-life performance or practice. This will come in handy when you have dozens of tones installed in R1 later.

An Expressive Wind Controller

Wirelessly or cabled, while connected to an applicable device, R1 is a qualified MIDI controller that sends more than notes, but also breath control, portamento, program change, and so on. MIDI IN is supported as well.

Supported DAWs:


Can't Wait to Play?

Join Our KOL Program

Before R1 gets delivered worldwide, you could get your R1 before everyone else does! If you are a relevant KOL, Youtuber, or any kind of influencer, please drop an email to social(at)!


Model R1

Color Matte black

Bluetooth BLE MIDI

Battery 2600mAh

Charging Method USB (Type-C)

Current Draw 1.5A

Battery Life 6 hours lights on, 10 hours lights off

Size 67cm(length) × 4cm(width) × 5cm(height)

Weight 450g

Accessories Type-C cable, owner's manual, Quickstart Guide, neck strap, mouthpiece cap, dust bag


Octaves -1, 0, +1, +2

Connectors Stereo 3.5mm TRS Headphone output, 6.35mm TRS audio output, Type-C port (charging and USB MIDI supported)