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Little Producer

Digital arts creative kit

The first creative kit surrounding music and visual arts. Coding has never been easier with the help of Coding Canvas and step-by-step tutorials. Kids can build their own digital instruments and lights.

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Tools to kick-start your musical project

Keyboard, drum pads and knobs, all essentials for contemporary music making comes in one box.

Graphical coding

Learn music through code building blocks. Create a piece of digital instrument by clicking & dragging.

Throw a light show

25 RGB lights for every color out there. Kids can make patterns and let them interact with the rest of kit.

What's inside

Every box of Little Producer comes with the following content, each plays a unique part along the journey to build the incredibles.

Main board

Main board runs the codes. Connect the board to Coding Canvas through Micro USB port, and the codes are ready to download.

Expansion board

To be attached by the Main board. Expansion board helps connect the whole kit.

Keyboard board

Offers keys for music playing, can trigger different sounds as a controller.

Drum pad board

Feel like a DJ! The 8 touch pads can be coded to trigger sound effects, drums, and even chords.

Lighting board

25 RGB lights that flashes any color you want. Can be coded to show patterns and change with the rhythm.

Knobs board

2 sets of fully customizable knobs. Use them to control volume, effects, octaves, patches, lights, and so on.

Code for music now!

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