Clarii App FAQ

About us

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Search for 'Clarii' in your mobile App Store and install.
Supports iOS 11.0 and above, as well as Android 7.0 and above.

Register or Purchase

Open the Clarii App, tap on the bottom right 'Me' icon, and you can log in using your email and verification code.
Clarii App does not have membership benefits. Memberships from JamKoo accounts cannot be used within the Clarii App.
Downloading the Clarii App is free. Most of the sounds and features are complimentary, but some tones and features require a purchase. Exclusive sounds for the Golden Edition Clarii mini are only available for free installation on the Golden Edition.
No, with the same account, you only need to purchase once.

About Clarii Connection

Step 1: Ensure Clarii mini is turned on, and Bluetooth is enabled. Step 2: Open the Clarii Mini App, find the icon in the top right corner on any page, and turn it on. The first time you connect, a confirmation for connection will automatically appear. Click 'Confirm' to establish the connection.
The Clarii mini can be connected to the app without logging in. However, if you want to install sounds onto the Clarii mini, you need to link an account. Also, one account can link to 10 Clarii devices.
One account can only link to 10 Clarii devices. If you want to link your 11th Clarii mini, connect any previously bound Clarii mini to the app, go to the 'Settings', and in the last setting, confirm 'Unlink', After unbinding, all installed tones on the Clarii mini will be invalidated.

About Sounds

In addition to the 16 standard sounds, you will also receive five complimentary sounds: Soprano Saxophone, Flute, Blues Harmonica, Erhu, DongXiao.These tones can be installed in the Clarii App.
After logging in, you can find the redemption entrance at the top of the 'Discover' page.