Exploring Qithesizer V1.19 Update with TÆO’s Wabi Sabi Waves Presets

The synthesizer App Qithesizer has recently undergone a significant update to version 1.19, introducing exciting new features and enhancements. One of the major highlights of this update is the addition of producer presets called Wabi Sabi Waves. 


Collaboration with TÆO

   TAEO in Qithesizer


TÆO is an emerging talent based out of LA. His wealth of knowledge in music and exceptional taste in beats makes him a mainstay in the west coast beat scene. Born and raised in LA, TÆO refuses to be bound by hip-hop’s tenuous conventions (and the consequential, inevitable recapitulations).  In more recent years, focuses have shifted from production/dj’ing to sound design, notably on the iOS platform. The aim of his collective, Wabi Sabi Waves, being the current focal point, is to influence the tonal landscape of contemporary music.


More New Features include:

∙ Pitch bending: Split into PB Up and PB Down. Also supports PB Range 3.

∙ Modulators: New source CC1~CC119 added. Learn MIDI CC feature added.

∙ Modulators: Will be automatically enabled when both source and destination are set.

∙ Fixed an issue that freezes the AU plugin in AUM.

∙ Fixed an issue that keeps Legato on even when Mono is off.

∙ Bug fixes and performance improvements.


Overall, Qithesizer’s Version 1.19 update represents a significant step forward in providing users with enhanced tools and features to unleash their creativity in music production, thanks to the collaboration with TÆO and the introduction of the Wabi Sabi Waves presets. The cooperative efforts and insights shared by the community have played a crucial role in shaping the evolution of Qithesizer. The developers express their gratitude for the ongoing support and engagement from users, as it continues to drive the innovation and improvement of the App. 


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