Wind Synthesizer R1

Behold the Musical Instrument From Future


20+ times home page featured by Apple. App Store “Apps of Today” featured.

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Little Producer

Digital Arts Creative Kit

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Swaying Tune

Make a tune by swaying your iPhone!

Sway, sway, music! Turn your phone into an instrument with sounds and scales from all over the world. App Store Today Story featured.

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M2B Firmware V2.3.6 Released

We have updated the firmware of M2B Bluetooth MIDI Adapter. Users may update through the M2B Utility APP.   What’s New: Enhanced connection stability on iOS 14.2. Fixed a bug triggered by a specific MIDI message.   How to Update:   1. Install M2B Utility APP All firmware updates for M2B Bluetooth MIDI Adapter (M2B) […]


中国(上海)国际乐器展览会,即上海乐展,特别策划的“云上音乐周”将于2022年1月18至22日正式上线。锣钹科技携电子乐器新秀“R1真采样电吹管”,受邀和众多国际知名乐器厂商一同参展。 在为期5天的线上展会中,国内外的经销商、乐器玩家,都可通过微信小程序“云上乐器周”浏览有关R1的信息,并发起沟通。 此外,锣钹还将在19号的14:00带来一次专场直播,并在20号16:00的综合推介直播中亮相。届时请前往微信视频号“上海国际乐器展”收看。     R1真采样电吹管于2021年10月一经发布,便成为锣钹的明星产品,首批预售已被抢购一空。 此外,由于本次展会将有海外经销商参与,R1有望借此建立海外销售渠道。R1诞生以来,便受到不少海外音乐爱好者和音频机构的关注。云上乐器周,便是正式和这些朋友接洽的绝佳场合。 正如锣钹科技CEO解路禄所说,R1是按照“出海标准”设计的产品。及早把R1推往全球,不仅给R1的忠实粉丝们莫大的认同感和自豪感,也是中国音乐科技走向世界的里程碑。

Robkoo Joins The MIDI Association

On April 8th, 2021, an email from California marked a new era for Robkoo.     We are now an official corporate member of The MIDI Association, along with Yamaha, Roland, and other giant musical brands.   The “United Nations” for Digital Music   The keyboards, digital pianos, EWIs people use today follow the standard […]

Beyond the Great Sounds! Performance APP JamKoo Updates to Version 3.0

“There are way too many professional DAWs out there – People are longing for a user-friendly APP to jam EVERYWHERE.” Welcome to JamKoo. Its easy-to-use interface, and the premium Chinese Instruments by Kong Audio have made itself popular all over China (and the world, too). We believe that version 3.0 will bring musicians even more: […]

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