Wind Synthesizer R1

Musical Instrument From the Future


20+ times home page featured by Apple. App Store “Apps of Today” featured.

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Advanced hybrid synthesizer designed with wind controller in mind.

Qithesizer is a powerful multi-engine hybrid software synthesizer. Combining different synthesis types, virtual analog, wavetable and physical modeling in one.

Swaying Tune

Make a tune by swaying your iPhone!

Sway, sway, music! Turn your phone into an instrument with sounds and scales from all over the world. App Store Today Story featured.

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Wind Synthesizer R1 Becomes Finalist of The 38th TEC Awards

Held annually, The TEC Awards is the highest honor a brand in musical industry could pursue. With the aim to enourage innovations of musical brands around the world, The TEC Awards offer categories of musical instruments, PAs, audio devices and so on. Its nomination committee is composed of 100 experts in the industry, sourcing the […]

Wind Synthesizer R1 Becomes Finalist of 2022 MIDI Innovation Awards

The MIDI Association (MMA) is non-profit organization based in California. The association serves musicians around the world by making MIDI specifications. With the purpose of  encouraging music tech innovation, MIDI Innovation Awards is the most professional and official event in this field. The award of 2022 is organized by MMA, NAMM (the biggest musicasl instrument […]

Wind Synthesizer R1 – The Favourite Instrument On music China Online Event

“music China” is the biggest expo of musical instrument in China. Last week, the music China committee hosted an online event, to which Robkoo was invited to attend. Robkoo’s new product Wind Synthesizer R1 was honored to be elected by the audience as the favourite instrument. Despite the competition with other reputable brands, the victory […]

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